Born from passions of art and philanthropy, Pen+Pillar is owned and operated by illustrator, Taylor Mahlke. Taylor lives in North Carolina with her husband, Justin, along with their dog and cat. 

After teaching art in the Middle East, Taylor returned to the US and began her online storefront in 2015 to sell paper goods inspired by her travels, bold textiles, vibrant colors, community, and warmth. Art should bring joy and light to your life, and it's Taylor's aim to create pieces that evoke a sense of life and adventure. 

Taylor’s heart and passion in life is to serve refugees and to do so, Pen+Pillar gives 10% of all proceeds to help local refugees get settled into their new lives. Pen+Pillar holds firmly to the belief that everyone deserves to feel safe, and should be afforded the opportunity to succeed. Art has an amazing power of influence, so Taylor believes that should be used boldly and as a force for good, and encourages a community that believes the same. 
Pen+Pillar is the home of paper goods with a purpose.